The Collaboratorium

Immersive Design & Experience Strategists

The Collaboratorium was founded with the idea to leverage some of the best digital, immersive and experience thought leaders, working collectively, utilizing innovative solutions to bring the most enhanced visitor experiences to the multi-use environments. We focus on attractions, themed entertainment, interactive experiences, live events, museum and heritage tourism. We are product developers and experience designers.

So, what does that mean? We make engaging, fun, and memorable experiences that add value to your business, and community.

Utilizing a variety of digital technologies, AR/VR/MR/XR platforms, AI, machine learning processes, and ethical uses of data, we sit at the cross-section of creative thinking and innovation.

Grounded in entertainment whereby the visitor experience is key, The Collaboratorium partners with clients, agencies, attractions builders, land developers, architects, integrated media specialists, creative directors, information architects, engineers and designers to think through and solve unique experiences - no matter what the technology innovation is.

Reach out and say hello. We will find a solution for your needs.

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